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We make use of Coachman Tours in Midrand - They have a Reliable Fleet of Semi Luxury Buses and also some other smaller Vehicles we Rent to match the Tour Group size.

All Transport depart from The Peermont Hotel Parking Area at Emperas Palace close to ORT Airport in Kempton Park.

Departure Time is on the Thursday Night at 19h00 - You are required to be there at no later than 17h00. You will be met by a Representative of Paraiso do Ouro and please note that the Representative will non accompany you on the Tour. The Transport Driver is though in Contact with us at the Resort in Mozambique.

Please Ensure to have all your Valid Passports and Confirmation of your Reservation Ready, All Non South African or Mozambican Citizens Please ensure that you have a valid visa. No person will be allowed on the Bus without these documents and No Refunds will apply if you don't have the above. Covid requirements remain your responsibility and should you not have the correct documentation you will not be allowed to board the Transport and will lose your money paid.

Also Please note that your luggage is restricted to only 20 KG maximum per person - no exceptions will be allowed. 

NO ALCOHOL or OWN MUSIC is allowed on the Bus - Your Safety and Comfort is Important to Us!!!

No Intoxicated Person will be allowed on the Bus.

Two Comfort Stops will be done for 30 minutes only per Stop!!

You will arrive +- 8h00 at the Kosi Bay Border Post in Northern Kwa Zulu Natal. You will be met by a Representative of Paraiso do Ouro Resort to assist the Group to Clear South Africa and to Enter Mozambique. Please note that no person is allowed to take any photo's of the Border Facilities.

You will then Progress with Local Transport Providers (we have pre-arranged these) to Transport you from the Border to Paraiso do Ouro Resort. This is a short 15 minute trip.


You will Depart Paraiso do Ouro on Monday Morning after Breakfast @ +- 09h00 and should be back in Johannesburg at +- 19h00 to 20h00.



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