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Accommodation is for Three Nights; Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night.

The Rooms each Sleep 2 People and You will be accommodated with people from your group. 

Each Room is basic but are equip as follow: Small 60l Bar Fridge, Kettle, Coffee Cups and with  Own Bathroom (Shower, Basin and Toilet)

Rooms are all Air conditioned.

Guest are Reminded to bring own Bathroom Amenities, Bath and Beach Towels. Please note that no Food or own Alcohol is allowed in the Room's. Also no own music systems of any kind is allowed, Please Keep the Noise Levels Down to respect other Guests. No Parties allowed in the Rooms. Only Resident Guests is allowed in the Rooms. Also note that no irons is allowed in the Rooms - There is a Laundry Service at Reception (From 08h30 to 16h30) Daily at a Small Fee.

You are allowed to bring your own favorite coffee, milk and sugar with to enjoy an early cup of coffee.

Rooms are Serviced daily by our Staff - Please hand in your room key at reception to be cleaned before you go for breakfast in the morning or when ever you leave the premises of the Resort.

A key deposit of R 500 per Room apply - this you will have to pay in Cash on Arrival and will be refunded to you at Reception when you check-out.

Safe Keys are also available at Reception with a R 500 Safe Key deposit that apply. 

No Ions is allowed in the Rooms - You can request washing and ion services at reception at a nominal rate per item.

Please use water and electricity responsibly as these are restricted. Please note that we use Septic Tanks this please refrain for flushing any other items down the toilet.
Also Note that we are using borehole water and the water is safe to brush your teeth and to shower in but please buy some drinking water at the bar.

When the Electricity goes down for any reason please note that then there will also be no water in the rooms because we make use of pressure pumps. We do have a backup Generator and this will be stared if electricity is interrupted for a long period - this will be done from 7h30 to 10h00 and again from 18h00 till 20h30. 

Please Note: In order to save Electricity and the Environment Geysers and Air- Conditioners will only be operational from:  05H00 TO 09H00 and again from 17H00 TILL 22H00 DAILY

Reception opens at 8h00 till 17h00 daily - Please report any problems to Reception and our Staff/Maintenance will attempt to resolve the issue asap.

Please note that Paraiso do Ouro is an alcohol licensed facility - this no own alcohol is allowed on the premises of Paraiso do Ouro - You can purchase Alcohol at the Bar during it's operating hours. Please respect this!

Please understand that we have limited Resources due to our Geographical Location - Though we will always try to do our best for you!!

Enjoy your Stay with us!!!!




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