Corona Virus Update TOURS:

We are confident as the rest of the World that the steps that are now taken by countries is the right steps and in a few weeks the world will have controlled the virus a lot better!

We have put in some alternative plans to ensure that people don’t lose out. We keep to our contractual obligations. We are operating within the legal frame work of Both SA and MOZ. We working closely with both Countries Authorities and will adjust our plans if the situation change. Please do the required payments per EFT and following instructions sent to you of emailing the payment confirmations to us! (Please use your email address as reference, attach to your booking we have sent you and re-turn email the 2 together for us – so we know that the payment belong to with that booking!!)

Though, please understand that we are really trying our best for everyone and we are well aware that is not your doing nor was it ours. When you made the booking with us as and paid your deposit, we then already had to commit in return with all service providers and paid money to them to procure the services. This we have done as with every client (we were at risk that even though we gave you a payment plan to pay we had to pay in excess of deposits received.)

Tour that will be postponed for the Moment:

Durban and Johannesburg Departing Tour’s for:

01 Apr  2020 to 31 Aug 2020

People confirmed on these above Tours will be accommodated of other Tours this year – We will rebook you at no additional charge subject to space available – Please email us on to arrange for the re-booking:

There will be no Refunds!

Other Tours:

All Other Tours are at this Point Schedule to Continue!!

Please note to please continue to do your payment as contracted on the given dates to avoid the cancellation of reservation!! YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR MONEY (UNLESS YOU DECIDE NOT TO PAY OR TO CANCEL!!)

You will not lose!! Because if Government closes all access from either side (SA or MOZ) we will rebook you with no additional charge on another date. Should WE (Paraiso cancel the specific tour because of our own decision). We will also rebook you on another date!

We will email YOU if any Tour is Re-Scheduled!!

Only if You decide to postpone, then only the R 1000 rebooking fee per person apply  (this is to offset some of the monies we will lose because of your decision. This is well short of the losses we do incur because of your decision and not of ours or that of government of Mozambique or even that of SA.

We will continue to monitor the situation and carefully adjust our plans if the situation changes – We also update people on our website as the situation unfolds – we always take into account the threats and do what we can to minimise risks.

Please advise us of your decision so we can respond to it as per the plan and policy framework.

Regards Paraiso

Please Keep Safe and Healthy!!



ONLY R 3999/R 3199 PER PERSON!!

The Tour includes:

1) Semi Luxury Bus Transfers from Johannesburg to Kosi Bay Border.

2) Border Transfers Return to Resort.

3) Free Welcome R&R Cocktail.

4) Accommodation @ Paraiso do Ouro Beach Front Resort for 3 nights / 4 days.

5) Free Full Daily Breakfast.

6) Free Daily Dinner.

7) Maputo Day Tour.(Only on R 3999 Tour)

8) Quad Sight Seeing Guided Tour.(Only on R 3999 Tour)

9) Free WIFI at Resort Bar!

10) Monthly Paymnets!

11) People will share 2 People per Room!


Email us on: the Tour Dates Required and the Number of People

Phone: What-up +258 840106196